Jasmin Schaitl (AT) is an artist and performer with a visual arts background. She develops her work most often site-relative, creating simple but complex settings. Her performances consist of task-based movements, and include selected materials, which leave behind an installation environment. Her focus is to reduce, minimize, and find the essence of each action.

She has performed, exhibited, led workshops, and organized in Europe, the UK, the US, and in Central and South America.

She performed her solo-, duo- and Collective 三 (3) Performances at the KAAI Theater (Brussels), KUMU Art Museum (Tallinn), Künstlerhaus (Vienna), Tartu New Theatre (Tartu), das weisse Haus (Vienna), Sanatorium Gallery (Istanbul), MIXER Gallery (Istanbul), 3H+K Gallery (Pori,Finland), Valie EXPORT Kubus (Vienna), TENT (Rotterdam), Forum Landi (Belém, BRA) and at international Festivals such as the Performatik KAAI (Brussels), Month of Performance Art (Berlin), Dimanche Rouge (Estonia and Finnland), Tempting Failure (Bristol), UAMO Festival (Munich), UNWRAP (Norway), BRISE°2 (Flensburg), PERFEX Galeria Raczej (Poznan), and Tinderbox Series Mobius (Boston).

collaboration website
Jasmin Schaitl has an ongoing collaboration with the artist and performer William "Bilwa" Costa (US).

collective 三 (3) website
Together with Akemi Nagao (JP/DE) and William "Bilwa" Costa (US) they form the multi-disciplinary
collective named 三 (3).


selected performances