untitled with thread #01
3 hour durational performance

performed: Venice International Performance Art Week Fringe Section, Dec 2016, Venice IT

photo by Claudia Popovici

Jasmins work consists of abstract, and minimal performances, which allow the performer, as well as the audience, a sharpening of focus to reveal subtle details of each action and its consequences.

In this work, she examines the relation of her extended body length with the dimensions and positionings of a thread. Working with slow, subtle, gentle choreographic movements, the thread and its transformation is the actual point of focus, not only for the performer, but also for the audience.


The performance also was performed in a new version, as part of Draw to Perform 4 international Symposium for Drawing Performance, in Fabrica, Brighton, curated by Ram Samocha.
A video of the full Symposium, including the one-on-one performance of Jasmin Schaitl is online here: link to video

photos of VIPAF 2016, by Lorenza Cini and Claudia Popovici