Comment #12
Performance / Sculpture

-KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia. 21.10.2012
-Serendipity Gallery, Month of Performance Art Berlin. 12.05.2012
-Valie EXPORT Kubus, Cube - Festival of extensive Art, Vienna 16.06.2012
-Ausarten, Roter Teppich, Vienna 06.06.2012

duration: 1 hour +

video@ Ausarten, Creative Endeavours Arts&Design Lab
Foto (c) Sabine Koder, @ Valie Export Kubus

Individual intimity is instrumentalized for commercials and turned into passive commodities behind sale/shopping-windows. This resembles powerlessness and people are reduced into mute objects. Jasmin Schaitl‘s performance positioned itself between active provocation and passive reticence. It triggered a dialectic examination between the object of performance and the audience.

Within the original performance, she put plaster around her whole body and then painted it gold. The meditative way of doing this was underlined through a lit candle. A mirror was placed between her spread legs in order to provoke. This sculpture might be seen as a product of our society.

Fotos by Joana Dias

Foto©Sabine Koder